Vaccine Confidence Training

Lesson 1: Handling Hesitancy

Background on why some people might be skeptical about the important Covid-19 vaccination.

Lesson 2: Being Influential

Scientific strategies on how you can be more influential in a positive way during your conversations with vaccine hesitant people.

Lesson 3: Effective Communication

What good and effective communication is and how you can use it to communicate positively about the vaccine.

Lesson 4: What to Avoid

What behavior should be avoided in a meaningful conversation so we do not sacrifice the chance of having a successful outcome.

Lesson 5: The Conversation Frame

How to create a meaningful conversation frame in which you can lead a successful conversation.

Lesson 6: Social Norms

The importance of social norms.

Lesson 7: Stories and Emotions

How stories and emotions can be used to support a good conversation about Covid-19 and vaccination.

Lesson 8: Commitment

How powerful commitment is, for a successful conversation outcome and how you can use this tool to have better outcomes when convincing clients about good health practices such as taking vaccines.

Lesson 9: Checklist of Effective Messages

Easy to use checklist to prepare your conversations based on what we have learnt so far. By preparing your calls with this list, you will always be very well prepared for a meaningful discussion

Lesson 10: Body Language

How important and effective a positive body language and honest empathy are for a good conversation.

Lesson Summary

Over the last couple of days, we provided you with important information on how to be successful in difficult conversations with your clients.