How to Effectively Communicate About ECD

Keep it simple

Communication, especially with ECD, only works when it is understood. Try to make your language simple and relatable, and less technical so they can understand and put it into action.

Make it communal

Ghana is a community-based society, so people's actions are heavily influenced by what others think or do. Show ECD to be something the larger community takes seriously.

Guide them to lead

Draw the messages and solutions from the trainees/participants so they don't feel like they are being told what to do and can own the message.

Incentivize them

Nobody wants something bad to happen to them. Showing participants the negative effects of not promoting ECD might spark self-preservation motivations and make them more receptive to the message.

Make it personal

Draw on emotions and empathy to create a stronger connection with the message. Personalize stories and messages so they hit closer to home.

Be culturally aware

Different cultures communicate in different ways. Understand the different cultural cues relevant to the community and incorporate that in how you communicate your message.