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'I WILL' is a campaign to help promote good ECD practices and behaviors

This message, 'I WILL' serves as a rallying call for parents, guardians and other ECD stakeholders to take up responsibility, while acknowledging the power they have to contribute to the growth and development of children.

Will you join the movement and create the ideal environment for all children to develop and fulfill their potential?


  • I WILL treat school children with special needs with love and care
  • I WILL respond to every child's needs in class by asking questions and listening to their problems
  • I WILL encourage children to express themselves
  • I WILL discourage children from teasing or bullying others
  • I WILL understand that every child learns at a different pace and provide the necessary support for all of them


  • I WILL spend 15 minutes a day playing with my child
  • I WILL treat children equally regardless of gender or ability
  • I WILL correct children without beating or insulting them
  • I WILL listen to children and allow them to express themselves
  • I WILL speak to children lovingly


  • I WIL speak against beating and insulting children at home, in the community and in schools
  • I WILL make the workplace friendly enough to promote child caring practices
  • I WILL lobby for polices that grant access to schools for all children
  • I WILL support parents and caregivers who need help feeding or schooling their children
  • I WILL reach out to young mothers in need and offer support
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